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Nastilka of floors from parquet boards

Nastilka of floors from parquet boards: and - a parquet board, - alignment a log on sandy podsype, in - floors from parquet boards on columns on a ground: 1 - a parquet board, 2 - a log, 3 - linings, 4 - a waterproofing, 5 - Floors from parquet boards it is possible to lay a column on the logs laid on separate columns, on the concrete basis (fig. 34). Logs have and krepjat so that the parquet boards laid on them did not cave in.

Floors from parquet boards it is possible to arrange on the ground floor, in so-called basement and nadpolnyh premises, provided that premises dry. Logs thus stack on concrete or brick columns in height to 250 mm standing on a ground on distance of 400-500 mm from each other. Brick columns for stability carry out in one and a half-two brick. At first on columns stack a waterproofing from two-three layers of roofing felt or roofing material, on them - antiseptirovannye wooden or other linings, on linings - logs in the thickness 40-60 and width 100-120 mm. Logs can be joined only on columns.

The Surface of columns should lie strictly in one plane. The same accuracy is shown and to a surface a log. Logs preliminary well dry, antiseptirujut and once again dry.

If a ground in an underground slightly syrovat, it is necessary to dry well it, columns gidroizolirovat at level of 150 mm from the earth (ground) and it is obligatory to execute the second waterproofing on top of columns. At a damp ground it is necessary to take measures to a reliable waterproofing of an underground as dampness accelerates rotting of wood and defeat by its house mushroom.

At such covering of floors ventilating apertures for airing of underground space should be arranged. Apertures in the size 20x20 or 20x30 sm have on socle opposite sides. Besides, in floors necessarily leave the ventilating apertures closed by metal lattices in frameworks. On everyone 15-20 ΠΌ2 the floor areas should be not less than two ventilating lattices in opposite corners of a premise.

At the device of floors from parquet boards it is important to observe following rules. All face joints of boards should be on logs. Boards which completely do not keep within indoors, it is necessary to saw on length and to connect in shpunt, i.e. To enclose a crest in a groove. It is not supposed neshpuntovannoe connection of boards as thus the floor becomes unsteady.

Parquet boards should lean necessarily on a log in adjunction places to earlier nastlannym to floors, and also if are about devices of heating and if the length of the ends of boards (svesy) exceeds 100 mm. The ends a log and parquet boards should not reach walls on 10 mm. This backlash will then be closed by a plinth. Everyone nastlannyj is necessary for checking a floor site on unsteadiness.

At packing a log on the concrete basis under them enclose roofing material and fall asleep space between them dry sand. Sand should be large and pure (no more than 5% of organic impurity and clay particles). Sand condense a little and after that fill up so that it was flush with an obverse surface a log.

Sand from above is good for closing a paper that it did not get on an obverse surface a log at nastilke parquet boards as it leads to formation of proscales.

It is possible nastilku for a message and so. At first to fill a layer of sand in the thickness to 30 mm, then it is strict at one level to lay logs, checking their long stroganoj rejkoj (fig. 34. It is possible to lay at first a little majachnyh a log, and then between them to place additional on distance of 400-500 mm one from another. In backlashes between logs and the concrete basis line wedges and that they did not jump out, them nail up to logs. Wedges protect logs from progibanija.

Having laid well logs, start to nastilke parquet boards and that they were not displaced, logs temporarily fasten boards. The first board is stacked on distance by of 10-15 mm from a wall a crest to a wall and nail up to everyone a log in length of 60-70 mm. Nails hammer into the basis of the bottom cheek of a groove naklonno and so that the hat has been drowned in thickness of wood. This operation carry out dobojnikom.

At nastilke parquet boards connect among themselves in shpunt and densely rally, applying skoby and wedges. Joints of boards as it was already told, should be necessarily on logs and form a straight line which is checked by hardly tense cord.

Laying parquet boards, regularly check, whether they cave in underfoot. In a case progibanija under them stack additional pieces a log or densely line sand. At such nastilke, i.e. With podsypkoj sand, ventilating apertures in a floor for airing of underground space do not do.

The Parquet boards covered at factory with a varnish, do not demand additional processing, therefore they nastilku should be conducted especially cautiously not to damage a finishing layer.