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Packing of a piece parquet on mastic

Majachnaja a fur-tree are first two numbers of the laths laid strictly on a cord as it is possible more densely one to another. Packing of this fur-tree with a small warp leads kosine drawing and to occurrence of inadmissible cracks between laths. The nastlannoj fur-tree should to allow be stood some days that it was densely pasted to the basis. Thus, laying other parquet, fur-tree laths cannot be displaced from the laid place that often happens at nastilke a parquet on svezheulozhennoj to a fur-tree.

At nastilke a parquet in premises of a squared shape with direct walls majachnaja the fur-tree is carried out on a long wall, the most remote from an input. The majachnuju fur-tree is desirable for stacking on hot mastic as it in some minutes so hardens that it is possible not to be afraid of fur-tree displacement. First two laths stack strictly at right angle and prigruzhajut something heavy that at packing of the subsequent laths they could not be displaced. The majachnuju fur-tree can be laid and on cold mastic for 5-6 days prior to the beginning nastilki all parquet then it is not necessary to be afraid of displacement of laths in a fur-tree.

Laid on cold mastic majachnuju the fur-tree can be strengthened, a gulf in a backlash left between a wall and an extreme number of a parquet of a fur-tree, hot mastic or having compressed a fur-tree in several places wedges that it has not moved a little at nastilke other numbers of a parquet going from the beginning majachnoj of a fur-tree. The thickness of a layer of mastic of 0,8-1 mm, in this case solvent which is in mastic, is absorbed by the basis and laths not so quickly and allows to lay better majachnuju a fur-tree.

Packing of a cord for majachnoj fur-trees: and - near to a wall, - in the room center: 1 - majachnaja a fur-tree, 2 - a cord to Lay majachnuju a fur-tree it is possible or about one wall, or in the premise center (fig. 38). Stack majachnuju a fur-tree on the tense cord which fix the nails hammered, into the basis (if it gvozdimo) or in the parquet laths specially established on hot mastic on the ends future majachnoj of the fur-tree. A cord pull without proscales.

To Stack majachnuju a fur-tree follows so that under a cord there was a left number of laths, and first row corners only concerned a cord.

So do that working, leaning against the right knee, at movement not could take casually aside a cord that will lead to displacement of all fur-tree.

Majachnaja a fur-tree should be strong that its laths did not move a little at nasazhivanii their groove on a crest. A nozzle carry out a hammer, putting two blows - on the long party of a lath and on an end face. Mastic pour on the basis and level a comb on the area, a little bolshej, than occupy stacked laths.

Preparation of a square for filling of the ends of a fur-tree: 1 - a square, 2 - the fur-tree ends If majachnaja the fur-tree is laid out near to a wall it is recommended to continue to lay a parquet between a wall and a fur-tree. If majachnaja the fur-tree is in the premise center, other numbers lay alternately: at first with one, and then on the other hand fur-trees.

Having laid all numbers of laths on width of a premise, start a covering of a floor at face walls where there were backlashes of the triangular form. From the whole laths dry type a square, line it on a diagonal on two equal half and cut on this line. With the received triangles fill blanks at the face parties (fig. 39).

The Parquet with a frieze (fig. 40) lay any drawing: in a fur-tree, the direct and developed square etc. The frieze decorates a floor, it can be with a fringing and without it, a fringing, in turn, - with a ruler, with a vein or with that and another.

At nastilke a parquet with a frieze it is necessary to cut off laths of the necessary size precisely. The frieze can be any width.

Nastilka of parquet floors with a frieze: and - without a fringing, - with a ruler, in - with a vein, g - with a ruler and a vein, d - a marking of the area of a floor, e, - connection of friezes in premise corners: 1 - a frieze, 2 - a ruler, 3 - a vein Prior to the beginning vykladyvanija snakes for the basic area of a floor which will be between the laid out frieze, it is necessary to lay some laths of a frieze on the long parties of a premise and between them - a snake. Plancks of a frieze should not reach a wall on 10-15 mm. According to the sizes of the laths which have been picked up for a snake, plan a line majachnoj fur-trees.

It is expedient to do a frieze of such size that at nastilke there was no waste. If between frieze numbers the odd number of laths keeps within, it is necessary to move a snake so that a lath adjoining a frieze, it was possible to cut on two equal parts at an angle 45 °. If it is impossible to lay out a snake an integer of laths of one length for extreme numbers use laths bolshego or the smaller size.

The Parquet lay on both parties majachnoj fur-trees the same as and without a frieze. Last numbers of laths adjoining friezes, at first stack without mastic, then in the area of a frieze establish a control ruler. On a ruler a sharp subject, for example shilom, draw a cut edge then laths remove, cut off superfluous strictly after risk and put into place already on mastic. Having laid a parquet to a line of friezes, cut frizovye a lath of such length that they on 10-15 mm did not reach a wall. Plancks also can be used of the smaller size for friezes but that the backlash was blocked by a plinth. Frizovye laths put on mastic.

After shvatyvanija mastics plane a parquet and scrape, beat plinths, varnish a floor or rub with mastic.

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