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Packing of a piece parquet on mastic

This kind of a parquet consists of separate laths which it is possible krepit on mastics or nails. In the first case it is required rigid negvozdimoe the basis, in the second - gvozdimoe. Lay such parquet in "хыъѕ" without friezes and with friezes. This parquet stack on cold or hot mastics. The basis should be sufficient durability without hollows and cracks.

We Will consider nastilku a parquet in a fur-tree without a frieze on the concrete or cement bases or couplers. First of all, the basis clear of a dirt, a solution, a dust and other pollution. Check humidity of the basis and air temperature indoors: air temperature should be not more low 10 °, relative humidity of air - not above 60%, humidity of a cement-sandy coupler - no more than 6%, concrete of interfloor overlapping - no more than 4%.

Having cleared of a dust and a dirt the basis, check flatness and horizontal position of a coupler if it is required, the basis correct, dry and ground. As on the basis for zvukoteploizoljatsii paste drevesno-fibrous plates them raskraivajut and paste on hot bitumen mastic and it is good pripressovyvajut. It is possible to apply and cold bitumen mastic, but all mastics should be waterproof.

Drevesno-fibrous plates should not have ruptures and the broken edges, their humidity no more than 12%. At first drevesno-fibrous plates dry cut on the size. Then they are stacked dry on the basis with backlashes between plates by of 5-6 mm. (It is necessary for expansion of plates.) after that plates serially lift and lay on hot or cold bitumen mastics. Plates lower on mastic cautiously not to spray it on walls, and it is good them pripressovyvajut, it is desirable under prigruzkoj. Usually plates paste in three layers: at first two layers from soft DVP marks М-20 in the thickness of 12 mm, and for the top layer - firm DVP marks Т-350 or Т-400 in the thickness of 4 mm. Firm plates sometimes stack on the basis in one layer. On hot mastic of a plate are fast pasted, than on the cold. It concerns and to nastilke the parquet.

Priming carry out a first coat, i.e. With liquid mastic which well fills all roughnesses and provides the best gluing. Nastilka with ogruntovkoj is much stronger, than without it. The squeezed out mastic after packing of drevesno-fibrous plates necessarily clean off tsiklej or any sharp tool.

Well pasted DVP provides reliable warmly - soundproofing, and also durability of a label of a parquet. Depending on the area of a premise and the size of parquet laths it is necessary to choose an optimum and economic variant of performance of works.

the Apportion of a snake from parquet laths and a bookmark majachnoj fur-trees: and - a snake apportion (1 from even number tsulyh narrow laths, 2 - the same, from wide laths, 3 - from odd number of the whole narrow laths, 4 - the same, from wide laths, 5 - packing of extreme numbers from laths of other length); - a bookmark majachnoj fur-trees on mastic the Length of laths depends on width of a premise. It is good, when it is possible to lay an integer of numbers of laths on width. Therefore it is necessary to make the plan nastilki laths across a room dry (vykladyvanie "чьхщъш") . In a snake (fig. 37,) each lath corresponds to a parquet number. Each number should keep within so that between walls and the ends of laths there was no backlash. It is desirable to pick up laths of such size that it was possible to lay a snake from even number of the whole laths. Thus it is necessary to consider and width of laths. At laths in width to 40 mm it is possible not to saw off their end faces adjoining walls. At width of laths more than 40 mm the backlash between walls and extreme laths turns out big, therefore end faces of laths are necessary for cutting off at an angle 45 °. If on width of a premise the whole odd number of laths in width to 40 mm lay them the same as and at even number keeps within. If width of laths more than 40 mm a snake shift on half of length of a lath to one of longitudinal walls. The first row can be laid, sawing one lath from a snake half-and-half at an angle 45 °. Both extreme numbers type from the cut laths. In this case saw smaller number of laths.

If the sizes of laths do not allow to lay out a snake from an integer of laths of identical length extreme numbers gather additionally from laths of smaller length, and the ends of wider saw off at an angle 45 °. Having prepared the plan nastilki, start to vykladyvaniju majachnoj fur-trees (fig. 37.

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