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Packing of a piece parquet
On nails on the wooden basis

The Basis (or subfloors) consists of the board flooring laid on wooden logs. Logs and a flooring should be antiseptirovany and are dried up. As logs boards or bruski in the thickness 25-40 and width 80-100 mm can serve. The distance between them depends on a thickness of the boards used for a flooring.

Nastilku and boards make a log very precisely. If at check fugovannoj rejkoj in the length 2 m with level in a flooring are available deviations over 1 mm a flooring necessarily level planing.

Nastilka of a parquet on nails: and - a snake apportion, - a correct arrangement of boards of a subfloor, in - a wrong arrangement of boards of a subfloor (the backlash between boards coincides with a place zabivki nails in end faces of laths), g - nastilka majachnoj fur-trees, d - nastlannaja majachnaja a fur-tree: 1 - a movement direction parketchika, 2 - a cord the Snake spread so that backlashes between basis boards did not coincide with a face joint of numbers of a parquet (fig. 41). Otherwise the nail hammered into a face groove of a lath, gets to a crack between boards that reduces durability of fastening of a parquet.

When lay a parquet on nails, the floor basis dim a cardboard, a paper or pergaminom. It do that nastlannyj the parquet did not creak and that sound transmission through beams in walls has decreased.

At nastilke a parquet with a frieze on the premise center pull a cord for majachnoj fur-trees. In the rest process nastilki is similar to process nastilki a parquet on mastics.

Parquet laths krepjat nails the in length 40 and thickness of 1,6-1,8 mm. Into each lath in length to 300 mm hammer in three nails: two - in a lateral groove and one - in face. In a lath in length more than 300 mm hammer in four nails, from them three - into a lateral groove and one - in face.

Nastilku of a parquet can be conducted to one, but it is better together: one lays a parquet, and another selects the right and left laths and display them on 4-6 pieces in the direction of the first.

Landing of parquet laths: and - hammer blows on a longitudinal edge, - hammer blows on a face edge, in - splachivanie a parquet by means of a wooden lining, g - zabivka nails in a lath groove Nastilka is conducted so. The stacking parquet rises on the right knee in a packing direction. The box with nails puts on the left side, in the right hand holds a hammer, in left - dobojnik. Having laid the first lath majachnoj fur-trees precisely on a cord, the right knee presses it to the basis; the left hand takes a nail and easy blow directs it to a groove at an angle 45 °. Then strong blow exhausts till the end of a groove. After that on a nail hat puts dobojnik and the third blow utaplivaet a hat. Having hammered into a lateral groove in two or three nails, one nail hammers into a face groove.

To the first lath as krepjat the second. That it has more densely entered a crest into a groove, on its end face strike a hammer.

After that stack the second row of laths. The right or left hand the stacker takes a lath and rallies it with earlier laid by two blows of a hammer. The first blow puts on a lath end face, and the second - on a lateral edge (fig. 42). Thus the crest gets to a groove of the next lath. (It should adjoin densely to earlier laid.) after that the left hand a beret from a box the nail also hammers in it at an angle 45 °. Having laid one number of the parquet, working turns in an opposite side and in the same order continues work.

In the course of packing it is desirable to use a parquet hammer. The usual hammer is less convenient and reduces labour productivity. Not to spoil an edge of laths at them splachivanii, it is necessary to put blows through a wooden lining (fig. 42.

In the Considered way lay an ordinary parquet in a fur-tree to the extreme numbers adjoining walls or friezes. Last numbers krepjat one or two nails depending on a frieze line. A parquet with a frieze lay the same as and on mastic.