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Packing of a piece parquet
Various drawing

Packing of a piece parquet by various drawing: and, - a direct square, in - the developed square, g - straight lines, d - carpet drawing the Piece parquet lay squares, direct and developed, and also straight lines, a carpet (fig. 43), with a frieze and without a frieze.

At parquet packing by direct squares of a lath have in parallel room walls. Thus it is not necessary to cut off laths almost. At parquet packing by the developed square of a lath have at an angle 45 ° to premise walls. The developed square can be executed in the way without waste, but it is necessary to saw many laths for filling of triangles which remain in places of an adjunction of a parquet covering to walls and friezes.

Making the plan of packing of a piece parquet in the form of squares, at first spread a strip from laths on width of a premise. It is desirable to select laths of such length that drawing has laid down on the basis with the least quantity of a waste. Certainly, at a wall it is possible to use laths of other sizes. At correctly made plan of packing the ends of laths should be sawn off only upon termination of nastilki at one of the short parties of a premise.

For nastilki majachnogo of some squares a cord pull across a premise. On the tense cord lay laths on mastic or on nails. A majachnyj number lay as it is possible more exactly.

To Carry out packing of a parquet by drawing the developed square begin with trial packing dry squares on a premise diagonal. Plancks select such sizes that it was possible to lay an integer of squares across a premise.

The First row start to lay from a wall, on the distance equal to half of a diagonal of a square plus of 15-20 mm on a backlash between a wall and a parquet. Such distance postpone from room corners. On long opposite walls find points between which pull a cord.

At packing of a parquet by drawing the developed square with friezes a cord pull not between two opposite walls, and between lines which limit frizovye numbers.

To Carry out packing of a parquet with direct drawing simply, therefore and the packing plan is not required. Here apply laths in length 350-400 and width 35-40 mm. Not to cut the parquet first row, it is necessary to pull a cord along a long axis of a room. Parquet laths can be applied any length, but necessarily identical width.

To Execute drawing "ъютхЁ" simply: at first pull a cord, then stack laths along a long wall, and then - it is perpendicular to it.