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Nastilka of linoleum (a part 2)

If to transfer the cut panels to other premise it is impossible, them put against each other the back party upwards, releasing a part of the basis for a first coat. After gluing of the first panel on it shift the remained.

It is possible to paste linoleum and in another way. A panel put on the basis, unbend on half of its length, and diameter of an excess should be not less than 200 mm as at smaller diameter some kinds of linoleum can crack. The end of the unbent panel it is possible prigruzit. Then ground the basis and the back party of a panel. After first coat drying on the basis put mastic and paste the prepared half of panel. As paste also other half.

If on a surface of the pasted linoleum there will be bubbles, a sinuosity on them put cargo: a bag with sand or plywood, which prigruzhajut bricks or any other cargo. Such pripressovku maintain not less than three days.

If after that defects do not disappear, they should be corrected, as is told in the item " Defects linoleum яюъЁ№=шщ".

Nastilka of linoleum with prirezkoj edges after nastilki. If linoleum edges are damaged, panels cannot be pasted how has been just told. Besides, in earlier considered cases it was not provided usadka linoleum after a label, and it leads to formation of the big cracks in a place of an adjunction of edges. The offered way will help to avoid it.

Plinths tear off, the basis (floor) repair or dim drevesno-fibrous plates, then ground (the same it is recommended to make and with the back party of linoleum). The first panel paste at a wall so that from that party which will adjoin the second panel, there was not pasted edge in width of 200-250 mm. After priglazhivanija linoleum a bag with sand and corrections of possible defects the second panel, which both edges in width paste of 200-250 mm also do not paste. And the edge of the second panel should block an edge of the first on 20-30 mm, i.e. On so much that at a scrap defective places have been removed. On the second panel paste the third that its edges blocked the second and also were not pasted on 200-250 mm. (If the third cloth adjoins a wall this part is completely pasted.) during time priglazhivanija panels it is necessary to watch that edges casually were not pasted.

The linoleum Pasted thus leave for three-four days for podsyhanija glue or mastic: if linoleum gives any usadku it should occur in this time. Not pasted while the part of edges if will give then usadku it will appear so insignificant that will not lead to crack formation in a seam.

Edges prirezajut (cut off) a sharp knife on good fugovannoj to a ruler (rejke). On linoleum edges put a ruler, densely it press a knee and the left hand (or it hold the second working). It is possible prigruzit a ruler heavy cargo that it has not moved a little. To a ruler put a knife at an angle 90 ° and cut, it is desirable for one pass of a knife, at once both edges (fig. 49). If dense and thick, for one pass of a knife both edges it is impossible to cut linoleum. Then at one time cut off one edge but so that on the second panel there was a trace from a knife. On this trace also cut off edges of the second panel.

If linoleum is pasted directly on the concrete basis or a cement coupler not to blunt a knife blade, under the bottom panel enclose a strip of a dense cardboard or thin plywood.

After prirezki linoleum edges start to them priklejke. Edges turn on, coat the basis (or the basis and the back party of linoleum) with mastic and paste. At first paste an edge of the first panel, then - the second and carefully smooth. The mastic squeezed out from under edges delete, close a seam a paper, put on it a board and it is good it prigruzhajut (fig. 50). Under prigruzkoj edges are 6-7 days. Having removed cargo, edges examine and if notice a swelling and vspuchivanie, do correction and repeat prigruzku. If and after repeated prigruzki vspuchivanie does not disappear, edges in these parts lift, coat with their glue or mastic and prigruzhajut for some days.

After removal prigruzki edges carefully examine. If as a result of negligent prirezki edges formed small cracks, they are covered semioil shpatlevkoj, tinted under colour of linoleum. It is possible to apply shpatlevku on epoksidnoj pitch or glue of the same name.

Nastilka of linoleum with drawing. Linoleum with drawing paste so that drawing on edges was precisely combined. Earlier it was already said that one linoleumy can shrink, others, on the contrary, extend. Therefore to paste linoleum with drawing it is necessary as follows. At linoleum panels cut off edges by means of a knife on a ruler. That the edge was equal and pure, the knife should be very sharp.

If paste two panels cut off only edges which are joined. At gluing of three and more cloths in average cloths cut off edges from two parties. To paste linoleum with drawing it is possible in two ways.

the First way. After scraps of edges paste the first panel of linoleum, smearing with mastic or glue all its back surface. In 2-3 days paste only an adjoining edge of the second panel in width of 150-200 mm, and its other part leave not pasted. The pasted edges prigruzhajut for 2-3 days and only after that paste the second panel completely.

If it is required to paste three panels first of all completely paste an average cloth and it is good it prigruzhajut. In 2-3 days paste edges of two lateral cloths, smearing mastic, or glue with a strip in 150-200 mm, and prigruzhajut them. In 2-3 days lateral cloths paste completely.

the Second way. First of all paste edges of joined cloths, putting glue or mastic a strip 150-200 mm are not wider. In 2-3 days after shvatyvanija mastics paste other panel. Drawing of joined cloths should coincide precisely.

Why linoleum with drawing paste so? The matter is that at usadke between panels the crack is formed and it is necessary to cover it shpatlevkoj that is undesirable, and at expansion of linoleum of an edge can vspuchitsja, come one on another therefore drawing coincidence will be broken. If panels in joints are strongly pasted, usadka (or expansion) the linoleum rest does not influence them also drawing displacement will not occur.

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