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Nastilka of linoleum (A part 3)

Defects of linoleum coverings. Mastics or poor quality glues, basis thorough training (a floor), nastilka is not enough linoleum on the damp basis, bad priglazhivanie linoleum to the basis lead to various defects of linoleum coverings - to swellings, a sinuosity, otklejke from the basis etc.

Swellings are formed as a result of application of incorrectly prepared or strongly thickened mastics and glues of factory manufacturing or from non-observance of terms of drying of the bases and endurance nastlannyh linoleum coverings.

For example, alkidnyj linoleum incorporates such napolniteli which greedy absorb a moisture available in the basis, bulk up and increase in sizes. The mastic put on not quite dried out basis, unsteadily pastes linoleum: it easily lags behind and is blown up.

Besides, swellings are formed at mastic drawing by very thin layers (less than 0,5 mm), in places where at all there are no mastics or its layer exceeds 2 mm (mastic long dries up). Linoleum, being exposed to deformation at drying, comes off the basis or on it swellings are formed.

That swellings was not, mastic put an identical layer on a thickness on all basis, well smooth linoleum and if it is required, and prigruzhajut.

Swellings correct as follows. Pierce them shilom and let the air out. Linoleum close a paper and well iron a hot iron or put on it bags with hot sand. So arrive only in the event that linoleum nastlan on hot bitumen or rezinobitumnoj to mastic, which plavitsja at heating.

If linoleum after that nevertheless is blown up by places, the blown up place cut a knife and enter there, i.e. Under linoleum, sprintsovkoj or a feather solvent on which gluing mastic or glue is prepared. Mastic or glue from solvent is softened, and linoleum carefully smooth and it is obligatory prigruzhajut.

If and after that linoleum is not pasted, means, under it there is no mastic, and it is added through podrez a feather or a thin stick.

Sometimes at raskatyvanii a linoleum roll on it the blown up places are found out. Panels from such linoleum cut so that swellings had on edges where they are easier for correcting.

If linoleum comes unstuck almost from all basis, it cautiously remove, clear of mastic or glue and put in a spacious premise the back party upwards.

The Basis also clear of mastic or glue, correct defects and ogruntovyvajut. On the dried up first coat lay linoleum as usually.

the Sinuosity is formed because the rolls of linoleum combined in bulk, were stored in such kind long time and have got the ellipse form. Such rolls unroll also to linoleum allow to have a complete rest. If in 10-12 days of a wave will not disappear, linoleum put on the equal basis and iron a bag with hot sand.

It is even better to cut the necessary quantity of panels, to lay them so that the greatest there were below, and the small above, and prigruzit for 7-12 days. In this time linoleum will be corrected and after gluing will be equal.

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