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Nastilka of linoleum

Linoleum can be laid dry, nailing up to the wooden bases, or that it is much better, to paste special glues or mastics of factory or house manufacturing.

Linoleum in rolls should be in a warm dry premise for keeping (stabilisation of the sizes) a minimum two weeks. The sustained linoleum cut on panels with a stock on usadku. At length of panels to 6 m it is recommended to leave a stock of 20 mm, at length to 10 m - 30-40 mm, more 10 m - 50-60 mm.

Raskraivajut linoleum, considering an arrangement of its panels indoors. One-colour linoleum or with mramorovidnym drawing is recommended to be stacked along light direction, i.e. Perpendicularly to a wall with a window. In this case seams are less appreciable also a floor it seems monolithic. Linoleum with drawing have along a premise, thus drawing on linoleum panels should coincide precisely.

On the wooden bases of a panel of linoleum stack along boards, and their joints should be on the middle of the whole board.

When it is necessary to lay linoleum in premises with a difficult outline of a floor arrive so. The panel cut, display on walls, plan the locations of pipes, pilasters etc. Measure their thickness, length, diameter, etc., then transfer their outlines on linoleum and cut out superfluous parts. Edges of panels should be well joined, i.e. Densely to adjoin one another. Therefore they should be killed on equal strogannoj rejke or to impose edges of panels one on another and simultaneously to cut off from them a narrow strip. The knife should go strictly at an angle 90 ° in relation to linoleum, differently edges will leaky adjoin.

If correctly to execute prirezku places of a joint of panels can be absolutely imperceptible provided that linoleum will not give further usadki. If it occurs, seams become well visible. It is necessary to cover them semioil shpatlevkoj, tinted under colour of linoleum. Strong shpatlevku it is possible to prepare on epoksidnoj for pitch. For this purpose melkoprosejannyj, absolutely dry chalk mix with one or several pigments (dry inks), selecting the necessary colour. Then a dry mix shut on epoksidnoj to pitch or epoksidnom glue. To cover seams it is necessary accurately not to soil linoleum. Pollution there and then delete.

The Pieces of the linoleum which has remained after prirezki, collect and store. They can be useful further during repair.

Nastilka of linoleum dry. Sometimes in corridors and other premises linoleum lay dry in the form of paths or completely dim it a floor.

The Basis on which lay linoleum, preliminary well examine, correct all defects, using for repair shpatlevku. After its drying and zachistki start to nastilke linoleum. In this case easier roll of linoleum unroll on a surface of a floor and cut off surpluses.

The Lack similar nastilki consists that linoleum edges quickly break off. Therefore to board or to edge parquet floors beat through 5 sm tolevymi or other nails with a wide hat. Despite it in due course all of them collapse. At washing of floors water that is rather undesirable gets into thinnesses between linoleum and a floor. Therefore edges is better to paste.

47. Fastening of edges of linoleum metal rejkoj: 1 - the basis, 2 - linoleum, 3 - metal rejka, 4 - a screw; 48. Priglazhivanie linoleum a skating rink; 49. Prirezka edges of linoleum a knife: 1 - the basis, 2 - linoleum, 3 - a knife, 4 - a ruler; 50. Prigruzka prikleenyh linoleum edges: 1 - the basis, 2 - linoleum, 3 - a seam between linoleum edges, 4 - a board, 5 - cargo linoleum edges also metal rejki - simple and with folds (Reliably protect fig. 47). Krepjat rejki the screws which hats should be drowned in rejku for what in it bore through apertures with razzenkovkoj which diameter should be on. 1 mm is more than diameter of hats of screws. For fastening reek to the concrete bases in the last drill or punch apertures into which drive in wooden stoppers, and in them screw screws.

At nastilke without gluing linoleum cut on panels of the necessary sizes, allow to them to have a complete rest within two-three weeks, and it is even better than month. Plinths tear off, a floor sweep and lay linoleum with prirezkoj edges, and then put into place plinths.

linoleum Gluing is much more reliable, than pribivanie its nails. The glue or mastic is applied to each kind of linoleum. Therefore, getting linoleum, it is necessary to know, on what glue or mastic it should be pasted. Thus it is necessary to consider and the basis on which linoleum will be pasted.

Before nastilkoj from the prepared basis delete a dirt and a dust, using a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

The Basis and the back party of linoleum it is desirable ogruntovat (the item "+Ёѕэ=ютъш" see;). A first coat put a brush, a uniform layer. If there is a possibility, linoleum panels for this time transfer to other premise and put the back party upwards. A vacant place indoors and the back party of pasted panels ground and dry. After that smear with glue or mastic the back party of the prepared panel, transfer it to a place nastilki, stack and smooth, at first a skating rink (fig. 48), and then a bag with sand. In a bag fill not less than 50 kg of sand. That casually waking up sand has not scratched a linoleum face sheet, under a bag spread several times combined soft fabric, a rug, etc. A bag move on the laid panel from the middle to edges. Thus mastic is levelled, and its surpluses leave from under edges. They need to be deleted there and then. As paste also other panels.

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