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Tap of flowing down water from water windows

That glasses did not mist over, it was offered and the set of every possible means, unfortunately, ineffective is offered. Is inadmissible to apply strongly salty water to wiping of glasses, for example: salt gets into wood and the paint quickly descends from it, putty lags behind.

For tap of the condensed water which are flowing down from glasses, on bottom bruskah summer and winter covers establish drain bruski, or plums, width 20-30 mm and thickness of 15-20 mm. Krepjat plums nails or screws so that they had a bias in a premise and water flew down on them only on a window sill. Put plums on waterproof glue, for example on epoksidnoj to pitch, or on an oil paint, but with preliminary proolifkoj and drying. It do that between slivom and bruskom cover there was no crack through which water gets into space between cover and a window sill quarter. Very well for slivov in bottom bruske cover (to vertical bruskov) to choose a groove depth of such width of 3-5 mm that there densely entered having merged. Instead of wooden plum it is possible to put having merged from usual, and it is better than the zinced steel under which also it is necessary to cut on a ruler a knife or a chisel a groove depth not less than 5 mm. It is necessary to paint all plums two times an oil paint.

the Device for water drainage from a window sill: 1 - metal At wooden slivov a small flute on distance of 5-10 mm from edge below cut out, at steel - bend a top (fig. 119). Plums should be put with an inclination that on them water easily flew down.

Under drain bruskami on a window sill do a flute (or a fillet) width 15-20 mm, depth about 10 mm with a bias in one party that water flew down from a window sill. Water, getting on plums, should flow down only in fillets with which it is necessary to arrange both under summer, and under winter covers.

Under a fillet krepjat a metal drain, it is desirable from the zinced steel or aluminium. Under it suspend any capacity, is better a bottle (fig. 119 see). Certainly, it can be strengthened on a floor but then a drain connect to it by means of a rubber tube. After the device slivov and fillets, them zachistki all olifjat also paint for two times, putting a paint thin layers and carefully it shading.

Between a window sill and vertical bruskami below there is a joint which is not always condensed enough, and through it on the bottom parts of walls water gets. That it has not occurred, all is necessary proolifit, to dry, prepare putty and it to fill a joint, carefully having smoothed down putty. After drying all paint.

At an insert of winter covers between bottom bruskom and a fillet it is necessary - to cover space it it is necessary with nothing. If a drain of water small it is possible to put a thin tubule in this space and to cover the remained place with plasticine or usual putty which if necessary can be removed easily.

This work is better for carrying out in the end of summer when the covers which have become wet for a winter and a window sill will well dry out. To paint crude wood it is inexpedient, as the paint will exfoliate.