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the Device and repair
Parquet floors. The tool

the Tool for parquet works: and - a hammer with an oblique sock, - dobojnik Vugina, in - dobojnik Avdonina, g - a steel comb, d - zubchiki combs For nastilki a new parquet and its repair is necessary the various tool: a plane, sherhebel, chisels, a saw, a hammer, a square, metre with divisions, a ruler, dobojnik, a comb, tsikli.

the Hammer. If there is a usual hammer it is possible to manage it at home, but to work as a special hammer with an oblique sock in weight of 0,9-1 kg (fig. 33) more conveniently. It is more convenient for zabivki nails in grooves of laths, than usual hammers.

Dobojnik is necessary for dobivki nails in grooves of a parquet lath. Various designs dobojnikov are known. Dobojnik Vugina (fig. 33, has the thin end in diameter of 8 mm with deepening in it of 0,5 mm. Such dobojnik it is as though put on a nail and does not come off a hat at it zabivke. Dobojnik Avdonina (fig. 33,) has the thin end in diameter of 5 mm with cutting (rifleniem) depth of 1 mm on a plane which he leans against a hat of a nail and does not slide on it.

the Comb (fig. 33, is applied to levelling of cold mastic at nalivanii it on the basis and represents a steel plate with cut on it zubchikami (fig. 33,). A comb nasazhivajut on the wooden handle.

Tsikli are the steel sharply ground plates applied for tsiklevanija of a parquet, i.e. Removals from it of a thin shaving for the purpose of alignment of an obverse surface. TSikli happen simple, to a constant edge, or difficult, with the wooden handle and metal sponges in which steel replaceable edges are fixed. In the first case tsikli look like knifes (as at planes); in the second - after a careful point and editing on oselke on tsiklju direct an agnail (i.e. Bend a sting a little) which considerably facilitates removal of a shaving from a parquet (the truth, sometimes it turns out not so purely). The agnail can be directed only at tsiklej from not so firm steel.

The Width tsikli should be no more than 50 mm as wide tsiklej to work hard and it can leave admissions. Often tsikli produce from a cloth of an old two-manual saw. For convenience of work tsiklju strengthen in the wooden handle. The handle can be made of two halves fastened by screws or boltikami: tsiklju insert between halves and clamp.

Tsikli sharpen the same as rubanochnye knifes or chisels. Only after a good point and editing on oselke tsiklej it is possible to work. The blunt tool does not scrape, and scratches or tears wood. If the steel tsikli allows, on a cycle direct an agnail. For this purpose a steel pin, for example a file side from which are ground off zubchiki, with pressing spend on a sting, bending it on 0,1-1 mm, forming an agnail.