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Plaster works. The tool

Plaster kelma (fig. 53, is applied at otmerivanii materials, to hashing and nabrasyvanija a solution on a surface.

Otrezovka (fig. 53, - the small rake convenient at performance of repair work. Serves for podrezki a solution, cutting of eaves etc. (Fig. 53,).

the Falcon - an easy wooden board with the handle in the middle. It is produced from thin boards on shponkah or nails. On sale there are metal falcons (fig. 53.

Semigraters (fig. 53, consist of a cloth and the handle, are applied for namazyvanija and solution levelings, natiranija luzg, usenkov or facets. The cloth can be the different sizes. For the basic works usually use semigraters with a cloth in the size 700 h (100... 120) mm, thickness of 20 mm.

the Manual plaster tool for drawing and solution levelling: and - plaster kelma, - otrezovka, in - the falcon wooden, g - the falcon tarelchatyj metal, d - semigraters, e - a grater, - a rule, z - a scraper: 1 - a cloth, 2 - a knee, 3 - the handle, 4 - a shank, 5 board of the falcon, 6 - shponki, 7 - the handle of the falcon Graters (fig. 53, are applied for zatirki plasters: They consist of a cloth in length of 140-160 m, width 100-120 and thickness of 20-25 mm with the handle executed on a hand of the working. The handle nagelem (a wooden or metal core) or a usual nail fastens so that they did not support a plane of a cloth from the working party of a grater.

Rules (fig. 53, - it is good strogannye rejki with square or rectangular section. Are applied to check of flatness of planes and straightforwardness of angular edges.

Scrapers (fig. 53, use for schistki nabela on the plastered surfaces. These are plates from the roofing steel, fixed on Wooden handles nails. Plates do not sharpen, as the agnails they clean off nabel. As soon as plates will become blunted, from them cut off a thin strip of a steel.

Steel brushes happen rigid and soft; more often they are applied to clearing of the polluted surfaces from a stone, a brick, concrete, etc.

the Hammer, chisels and brushes are known for all. Brushes apply to wetting of a surface by water before oshtukaturivaniem or during time zatirki plasters.