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Painting works. The tool

For colouring various brushes, platens, shpateli, rulers are necessary. It is possible not only to buy them, but also to make. Besides, various capacities are necessary.

Brushes happen the different size and appointment. Good brushes produce from a pure semispine bristle of different length, having its layers. Such brushes take away a lot of painting structure which is less from them flows down. There are such brushes rather expensively.

With a view of economy of a bristle in a brush add 50% of a horsehair of rigid grades. On a circle a brush border with a layer of a long bristle. A thickness of such layer of 2,5-3 mm.

Brushes from the mixed hair are less durable, take away paints and as a result not so proizvoditelny a little. Brushes from a pure horsehair serve not for long, quickly fall down, lose flexibility, take away paints which besides flows down on a floor a little, increasing losses. In an operating time of hair of a brush does not spring, i.e. it is not unbent, therefore to work as such brush difficultly.

Mahovye of a brush basically happen the big sizes. Them produce in the form of a bunch of hair long to 180 mm, weight 200, 300, 400 and 600 Let out the brushes demanding further are viscous or ready which hair is strengthened in a metal ring with the handle. These brushes happen in diameter 60 and 65 mm to length of hair 100 mm. At bending of hair of a brush it should be straightened immediately, without leaving visible curvature.

79. It is viscous brushes: and - a loop, - loop putting on on a brush, in - a winding a twine, g - fastening of the long end, d - a ready brush: 1 - the short end, 2 - the long end; 80. Brushes: and - pobelochnaja, - maklovnitsa, in - a bench hammer, g - flejts, d - filenochnaja, e - tortsovka to Work as a brush with long volosom it is inconvenient, it is necessary to tie up it (fig. 79), i.e. To tie from one end with a thin strong twine in the thickness of 2-3 mm. A twine reel up on a stick, then do a loop so that one end of a twine had length of 50-60 mm, put on a loop a brush, having receded from its end on 10 mm, and hardly tighten. Having stretched the short end of a twine along hair, begin twine winding on a brush. That it was more convenient to reel up, on a stick come feet, a brush take hands for the ends and hardly reel up. Having wound a site in length of 50-60 mm, do a loop and fasten the ends.

The Remained long end tie up after a brush nozzle on the probe (stick) so that brush hair remained not tied up on 60-80 mm. Of 1,7-2 m and thickness of 25-30 mm well smooth out the probe in length a skin, deleting zakoly which can wound a hand. One end point on three-four sides that the brush did not rotate on the probe.

The Pointed end moisten in drying oil, insert into the center of the tied up party of a brush and strike the probe about a floor, nasazhivaja, thus, a brush. After that to a probe end face strike blows by a hammer, driving it in a brush on 50-70 mm. The tuzhe the probe enters into a brush, the it will be better to keep.

It is necessary to apply To labour productivity increase wide pobelochnye brushes which produce the hands,

Pobelochnye of a brush (fig. 80, are similar on flejts (see fig. 80,). Their width of 200 mm, a thickness of 45-65 mm, length of hair of 100 mm. This brush provides in 2,5 times the big productivity, than mahovaja, at higher quality of the painted surface.

Brushes-maklovitsy (fig. 80, replace pobelochnye brushes and have the same productivity. Maklovitsy produce from one semispine bristle or with the additive of 50% of a horsehair. Maklovitsy there are round in diameter 120 and 170 mm at length of a bristle of 84-100 mm and rectangular. The handle maklovits fastens in the middle kolodki tightly or on screws (demountable), as them work from a step-ladder or from a floor. Maklovitsy and pobelochnye brushes are recommended to be applied at glutinous and kazeinovyh colourings. The surface painted by them does not demand flejtsevanija.

Brushes-bench hammers (fig. 80, the small size with the short wooden handle, them produce or from one semispine bristle, or with the additive of 50% of a horsehair. They happen in diameter 26, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 54 mm. A bristle insert into handles variously: in one case it strengthen in an aperture in the wooden handle, in other - in a metal holder, in the third - in a thick metal ring. There are bench hammers with empty space in hair. It do that the bristle sprung is better and in a brush was typed more paints.

Bench hammers apply to colouring by a glutinous and oil paint of small surfaces. Preliminary them tie with a twine which in process of deterioration of hair gradually untie, increasing its length. Tie a bench hammer so that the length of hair was no more than 40 mm at large and 25-30 mm at small brushes.

Bench hammers from the soft bristle fixed in metal rings, apply at kleevojt to colouring. If bristle fastening is executed by means of glue such brushes should not be applied in glutinous and limy water painting structures.

Brushes-flejtsy (fig. 80, - flat brushes in width 25, 60, 62,76 and 100 mm made of a high-quality semispine bristle or that is even better, from barsuchego than the hair fixed in a metal frame, put on the short wooden handle. Apply flejtsy basically to smoothing svezhenanesennoj paints, i.e. For destruction of traces mahovoj a brush or bench hammers. It is possible to use flejtsy and for colouring.

Filenochnye of a brush (fig. 80, there are in diameter 6, 8, 10, 14 and 18 mm. Them produce from the white rigid bristle fixed in a metal frame-cartridge from a white tin. A cartridge krepjat on wooden handles of various length. These brushes are intended for vytjagivanija the narrow strips named panels, or for colouring of such places where does not take place a bench hammer. If necessary filenochnye brushes tie, as well as bench hammers.

Brushes-tortsovki (fig. 80, happen squared in the size 154x76 mm. Them produce from a firm spine bristle. To kolodke krepjat the handle. A basic purpose tortsovki - processing svezheokrashennoj surfaces under shagreen leather or tortsevanie. Tortsovkoj strike uniform blows, smoothing thereby roughnesses the put brush of a paint.

Usually tortsujut glutinous and oil paints. Tortsovka thus should be pure and dry, therefore it often should be wiped.

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