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Obojnye of work. The tool

In obojnyh works the most elementary tool is applied: brushes and brushes, a plumb and scissors. When apply wall-paper from a thick paper, them paste end-to-end and edges cut off not with one, and from two parties. In this case to a scrap carry out not scissors, and a sharp knife on fugovannoj to a ruler which length is equal to wall height.

Scissors can be any, but is better with long edges: they not only it is more convenient in work, but also more proizvoditelny. Besides, scissors should be sharp as stupid leave after scraps a shaggy edge that worsens quality of pasting.

the Knife should be sharply ground and directed on oselke that after scraps the edge was without pile.

the Brush can apply any - big and small, but the first more proizvoditelny. Shoe brushes also can be applied to work. Brushes and brushes are necessary for proklejki surfaces, glue drawing on wall-paper and a paper, and dry - for priglazhivanija wall-paper. The small brush-bench hammer is applied for otvodki by paste of strips on top of walls, in corners, about plinths, window and doorways, and also for podmazyvanija edges of the pasted cloths of wall-paper.

the Plumb should have a thin and strong cord (a fishing twisted kapron scaffold) such length that it exceeded length in the length of a wall on 1 m. With its help beat off lines on a wall: on top - horizontal on which paste the top edge of panels of wall-paper, and vertical - on distance from a corner, equal to width of a pasted panel.

Pure rags, or rags, use for priglazhivanija a paper and wall-paper at their gluing. The big brush however is more convenient for this purpose with rigid volosom: she not only quickly and strongly smoothes wall-paper, but also smears acting paste and a paint on wall-paper less.