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Glass works.
The tool

Steklorezy apply diamond and roller.

Diamond steklorezy are reinforced by diamonds in weight from 0,02 to 0,16 penalties (the carat is equal 200 mg). Diamond is so small what to work as it it is possible only having fixed it in a hammer with a cut for lomki glasses. The diamond side can and not cut first glass, therefore it preliminary pritachivajut then it starts to cut, i.e. To scratch glass on small depth. On protsarapannoj lines break glass.

At diamond installation in a hammer its side can be a little displaced. Therefore steklorez at rezke it is necessary to discipline not vertically in relation to glass, and with an inclination forward, back or in the parties. For this purpose it is necessary to check up the tool and to find its correct working position (fig. 109), otherwise the tool can quickly become unfit for use or demand repair which is carried out by skilled masters - jewellers.

109. Position diamond stekloreza at rezke glasses; 110. It is sharp glasses steklorezami: and - diamond, - roller After work diamond steklorez wipe a pure rag and store in a fabric or suede sack or in a cardboard case.

Roller steklorezy are intended for glasses of 2-4 mm for what are supplied by three rollers are sharp in the thickness. Each roller is calculated for than 350 m of glass are sharp not less. On a measure zatuplenija a roller use for are sharp thicker glass. Replace the worn out roller, having weakened the fixing screw and having turned barabanchik on 120 °. On a measure zatuplenija rollers sharpen on manual or mechanical tochile with a fine-grained abrasive disk. During sharpening rollers hold flat-nose pliers or arrange the special holder.

the Ruler in the length 1000 mm and are more (depending on the sizes of glass) there should be in the thickness of 5-10 mm, width 30-50 mm, with otfugovannymi edges. It is directing for stekloreza.

the Wooden square is necessary for check prjamougolnosti glasses, metre - for definition of its sizes.

the Knife is used at drawing, levelling and putty smoothing down. Its edge should be stupid, and the end is cut off at an angle 60-70 °.

the Chisel with a wide edge is necessary for zabivki hairpins and nails at glass fastening. The more the weight of a chisel, the easier it to hammer in nails.