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Oven works.
The tool and adaptations

the Tool for oven works: and - an oven hammer, - kirochka, in - shovels and kelma the Oven hammer (fig. 155,) apply to brick splitting, oteski and other purposes. It is possible to use also kirochku (fig. 155,).

Kelmy (fig. 155, serve for drawing of a clay solution.

the Rule - thick wooden is good ostrogannaja a ruler in length of 1,5-2 m, 4x5 or 6 sm - are applied by section to check of an oven laying.

the Plumb - gruzik with a cord - is used for check of vertical position of an oven laying.

Level serves for check of horizontal position of a laying of the furnace.

the Big wooden square is necessary for check prjamougolnosti for the furnace.

the Oar (mixer) is applied to solution preparation.

Boxes are used the different sizes for solution preparation.

the Sieve with cells no more 3x3 mm is necessary for sifting of materials or filtering of a clay solution.

Podmosti should be strong and wide enough for work from them and an arrangement on them of a solution, a brick and water. Is better to make for this purpose the necessary quantity kozelkov with a crossbeam on which stack boards. Convenient for work 60-80 sm over floor level are considered podmosti as height.

Directing racks (fig. 156, - the adaptation, allowing to provide vertical position and horizontal position of a laying. Racks should stand strictly vertically, on them put risks of numbers of a laying, than 5 mm are desirable with a seam no more. In this case risks put through 70 mm one from another on height and is strict at one horizontal level on all racks. Racks can have a timbering (fig. 157) - a box without a bottom which moves on racks. Racks and a box should be carefully ostrogany. The timbering can be made on one or several numbers of a laying. As soon as it will be filled by a bricklaying, it lift on the necessary height.

156. Adaptations: and - a framework for resocks and brick storages; - kozelok, in - a special bench for storage of materials in an operating time, g - directing racks; 157. A furnace laying in a mobile timbering