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Variants of furnish of premises
And sequence of performance of works (a part 2)

One-room apartments. Here some variants of colouring:

  1. the Vestibule - is bright-terracotta colour, a room - yellow or golden.
  2. the Vestibule - dark blue colour, a room - lemon or pearl grey.
  3. the Vestibule - coffee colour, a room - lemon.
  4. the Vestibule - grey colour, a room - grey-blue.

Two-room apartments. the Second room can be painted (or to paste over) in light green, light pink or light grey colour but so that colours differed from each other.

Three-room apartments. the Vestibule is painted in light grey colour; one room - in steel or light-beige, another (a dining room) - in light green, the third (a nursery) - in light blue or light pink colour.

There are also other variants. The choice of colour of walls of rooms depends on light exposure of premises. If windows are turned on the south, the southwest and the southeast, premises can be painted (or to paste over) in more dark warm colours or in the cold.

Heating Devices usually paint in the same colour, as walls. (Paints apply oil or enamel.) however some prefer to paint these devices in other colours.

Following structures kolerov for colouring of walls (the expense of materials in grammes) Are recommended:

) premises obrashchene on the south, the southeast and the southwest:

  1. a chalk - 75, ohra dark - 25;
  2. a chalk - 50, ohra light - 40, ultramarines - 10;
  3. a chalk - 80, oksid chrome - 15, ultramarines - 5;
  4. a chalk - 50, greens chromic light - 50;
  5. a chalk - 70, ohra dark - 20, ultramarines - 10;
  6. a chalk - 93, ultramarines - 7;
  7. a chalk - 97, an azure - 3;

) premises are turned on the north, the northwest and the northeast:

  1. a chalk - 86, cinnabar red - 12;
  2. a chalk - 88, oksid chrome - 12;
  3. a chalk - 94, cinnabar red - 6;
  4. a chalk - 93, minium iron 2, crones orange - 5;
  5. a chalk - 94, ohra dark - 6;
  6. a chalk - 88, crones lemon - 12;
  7. a chalk - 94, minium iron - 5, a bone zhzhenaja - 1;
  8. a chalk - 94, crones yellow - 6.

Sequence of performance of works. Having chosen a colouring variant, it is necessary to familiarise with sequence of performance of works.

1. At furnish in one colour at first ground ceilings and walls, then them paint a glutinous paint. Covers, slopes, window sills, platbands, paint doors an oil or enamel paint.

Clear of traces of a paint plinths and paint them. (Plinths can be painted in advance, simultaneously with floors or after.)

2. At colouring in two colours at first ground and paint ceilings. Then ground and paint walls. If it is necessary, after that extend a panel, paint covers, doors, platbands, floors and plinths.

If walls or panels paint structure of other colour at the necessary height beat off a line namelennym a cord, ogruntovyvajut and paint only a ceiling and wall top. After that ground panels or walls and paint them. If ogruntovat all at once the white structure will soil walls and at their colouring by another kolerom stains and strips are formed.

When walls paste over with wall-paper, first of all ground and paint ceilings, then doors, platbands, covers, slopes, floors, plinths and only after that are pasted by wall-paper. It is possible to paste at first wall-paper, and then cautiously to paint an oil paint of a door, covers, platbands etc.

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