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Variants of furnish of premises
And sequence of performance of works

the furnish Choice is defined by premise appointment, its sizes, orientation to the south or the north and, of course, taste of the owner.

Recently the height of premises (often speak ceiling height) does not exceed 2,5-2,7 m. At an inept choice of furnish of premises they become visually even more low. So, in this case it is undesirable to carry out horizontal partitioning of walls. For the same reason at colouring is admissible to recede from a ceiling no more than on 5-10 the Width of a frieze and a border also see influences visual perception of height: the they are wider, the premises will seem more low.

We Will consider some variants of furnish of walls and ceilings at colouring of rooms of various height in which there are eaves (fig. 90). The eaves on a wall often are replaced with a strip of a paint in width of the same colour of 10-15 sm by what the ceiling is painted.

Variants of furnish of walls: and - a wall cut, - furnish in one colour, in - furnish in two colours, g - furnish in two colours with a panel, d - furnish with a border, e - furnish with a frieze, - furnish with a gobelin, 1 - a panel, 2 - a border, 3 - a frieze, 4 - a gobelin Colouring in one colour (fig. 90, means that and walls paint a ceiling in one colour.

Furnish in two colours (fig. 90, is carried out so. The ceiling and an eaves paint a white paint, and walls structure of other colour which should be taken away at eaves an equal line. If the eaves are not present, on some ^rasstojanii from a ceiling beat off namelennym a cord a line and on it spend a strip structure of other colour.

Such furnish can be executed with the panel, i.e. A ceiling and the top part of a wall walls (panel) in height paint in white colour, and a bottom of 150-180 sm structure of other colour.

Furnish in two colours with a panel (fig. 90, is carried out the same as also the previous kind of furnish, only between two kolerami on a wall extend a panel. Colour of a panel should carry out two functions: to underline flatness of eaves (when it is under eaves) and a difference in colours of colouring, simultaneously being in harmony with colouring of walls. Sometimes spend 2-3 panels and more. Width of a panel from 5 to 30 mm.

Furnish with a border (fig. 90, is carried out so. At first paint a ceiling and an eaves. Under eaves instead of a panel spend a strip in width of 5-10 sm - a border. Colour of a border should be in harmony with wall colouring. In the bottom of a border extend a panel in width to 10 mm.

In rooms in height more a border it is possible to do than 3 m in the width to 16 sm, and also to carry out furnish with a frieze or a gobelin.

Furnish with a frieze (fig. 90. The ceiling and an eaves paint structure of one colour. Below eaves spend a strip (a frieze) necessary colour in width from 20 to 50 see (the Wall under a frieze paint other colour.) in the bottom of a frieze extend a panel of the necessary width which colour should be in harmony with walls and a frieze.

Furnish with a gobelin (fig. 90. It carry out the same as and with a frieze. A gobelin - the strip in width from 60 to 100 see to underline a gobelin, under it extend a panel.

The Border, a frieze and a gobelin can be smooth or with filled on them on a cliche drawing. The panel (a wall part under a frieze and a gobelin) also happens smooth or to drawing. Walls can be monophonic or with the drawing received by means of rags, platens, stamps or cliches.

a colour Choice. Colour plays large role in human life. Goethe asserted that yellow colour raises pleasure, dark blue casts grief, and green pacifies. Many psychiatrists confirm it. The physiologist has established Krakow that red colour at first excites, but then quickly tyres, and green lowers pressure in eyes, adjusts blood circulation, improves muscular activity. The well-known doctor Bekhterev dreamt of that in hospitals treated also colour. As we see, on colour depends much - our mood and samochustvie. Here the recommendations developed by scientific research institutes, architects and artists, on a combination of colours for colouring of various premises are made.

Ceilings paint in white colour which promotes strengthening of colour of walls more often. The top parts of walls, covers, slopes, often inside doors also paint in white colour. It creates additional light exposure of premises and is of great importance from the sanitary point of view as allows to notice even the most insignificant pollution.

Kitchen. It can be painted in one or several colours:

  1. the Wall at which the kitchen equipment is located, paint in light orange colour, other walls - in light yellow. The kitchen equipment is recommended to be painted in salad colour. Floors lay from linoleum or plastikatnyh tiles. Timber floors paint an oil paint in brown colour.

  2. Walls paint in svetloseryj colour, the kitchen equipment - in blue, kitchen furniture - in white colour. Floors lay tiles of black and grey colours, having from in chessboard order.

  3. Walls - light green colour, the kitchen equipment and furniture - white, floors - svetloserogo colours.

  4. Walls - light yellow colour, the kitchen equipment and furniture - blue, floors - dark blue or blue colour.

  5. Walls - light green colour, the kitchen equipment - pistachio, furniture - white colour. Floors from tiles of grey or yellow colour.

  6. the Wall at which are located a plate, a sink, and between them the table for cooking is put, revet white glazurovannymi with tiles. Other three walls paint in light green colour. Colour kitchen obrudovanija, furniture and floors - as in the fifth variant.

Certainly, it is a lot of variants of furnish of kitchen and them it is simply impossible to consider all.

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