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Obojnye of work.
Preparation of the bases (a part 2)

Timbered, bruschatye and the board bases it is possible to paste over with wall-paper not earlier than in a year after erection of walls of the house or the device of partitions that the material has dried up and designs have sat. If walls caulk, after that they should stay as early as a year - ones and a half. It is necessary because house walls at konopatke can rise, and then sit, thus wall-paper smorshchatsja.

To Paste wall-paper on crude wood it is impossible, as from dampness paste rots, wall-paper fades and comes unstuck.

It is not recommended to paste wall-paper on wooden walls, leaving opened grooves as in them rodents will quickly be got. It is possible to make of a dry material rejki the triangular form and strongly to strengthen them in grooves nails. Rejki should fill grooves densely. Instead of wooden bruskov it is possible to fill grooves with a limy, izvestkovo-plaster solution or structure from 1 ch. The plaster mixed with 1-3 ch. Sand. That the solution in grooves kept strongly, in them it is possible to fill through 100 mm nails or by means of an axe or a chisel to strike blows to wood, without cutting down it but only lifting shchepu. Such preparation should be conducted both from above, and from below a groove. The solution should be pressed into grooves strongly that there were no emptiness, it is good to level, rub clean or smooth down it. The solution should fill a groove at level with logs. Only after full drying of a solution continue preparation or start pasting.

For the purpose of warming and wall alignment upholster with various plates (Facing of walls gipsokartonnymi ышё=рьш" see article ";) or a cardboard. the Cardboard can be sheet or in rolls. A rolled cardboard preliminary cut on cloths of the necessary size. There are two ways of an upholstery a cardboard.

the Upholstery is made by a dry cardboard so. Cardboard sheets put to walls and krepjat nails, it is desirable with a wide hat as they keep sheets more strongly. In an operating time sheets pull, and edges join. If the cardboard is bad for pulling, it will be blown up, forming waves. Distance between nails from 100 to 200 mm. Fill a cardboard either horizontal numbers, or vertical, always beginning from a ceiling, rather the reverse. To join sheets follows as it is possible more densely. If they do not pass on length or wall height, them cut off, applying a ruler and a sharp knife.

the Upholstery a wet cardboard is better, than the upholstery dry as a wet cardboard, drying up, gives small usadku and stretches, without leaving waves. A cardboard curtail into rolls and put in cold or hot water. After namokanija when it becomes soft, it take out from water, slightly dry and after that nail up from above with wide hats, then pull and beat from below. After that drive in intermediate nails. Cardboard sheets join end-to-end. After drying seams smooth out and stick with paper strips or olifjat and cover shpatlevkoj with the subsequent zachistkoj a grinding paper. Hats of nails cover with drying oil, a paint or spirit a varnish. Better, however, them zashpatlevat. All it becomes on purpose to protect metal from rzhavlenija therefore on a face sheet of wall-paper there are yellow (rusty) stains.

If on logs from wood of coniferous breeds pitch in places acts, it it is necessary to cut out, knots to cut down on depth of 2-3 mm, zashpatlevat oil shpatlevkoj and to paint over an oil paint or to stick with two-three layers of a paper. Otherwise pitch, having got through a paper and a cardboard, will leave on an obverse surface of wall-paper ineradicable stains.

earlier pasted over surfaces. If wall-paper strongly keeps on a surface they are recommended to be wiped preliminary a damp rag, having removed a dust. Then prepare paste and glue it surfaces as it is possible is better shading paste. It is necessary to fix poorly keeping paint on wall-paper.

If in places wall-paper keeps poorly them either glue, or tears off, pasting on these places a paper that after gluing of wall-paper they were not allocated. Poorly keeping wall-paper deletes completely.

The Surfaces which have been pasted over with imprinted or very dense wall-paper or linkrustom, clear of old pasting completely, examine, repair, smooth out, dry and then again paste over.

If old wall-paper comes off hardly, them repeatedly moistens by means of a brush with hot water, paternal they razmokajut and easily act in film shpatelem or a scraper.

Ceilings prepare the same as also walls. Wooden often upholster with a cardboard, gipsokartonnymi sheets or plywood. Work carry out more full to use a material, applying even small strips which under wall-paper will be hardly noticeable. Ceilings paste over with white glossy or matte wall-paper, vnahlestku or end-to-end is more often. Work should be conducted accurately as on white wall-paper the smallest pollution are easily appreciable even.

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