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Obojnye of work.
Preparation of the bases

With Wall-paper paste over the various surfaces executed from every possible materials. All of them should be well prepared. Preparation includes clearing of cracks, puttying by their solution and zatiranie, clearing of a dust, a dirt, oil and other stains. Besides, surfaces should be absolutely dry that is important not only for strong deduction of pasted wall-paper, but also for protection from rotting of flour and starched pastes. (The decayed paste exudes an unpleasant smell.)

the Plastered surfaces should be examined. If they new with insignificant defects are limited to their elimination. With old, before the painted surfaces it is necessary to remove completely traces of a limy or glutinous paint. At first them well wash out hot water by means of a brush (a brush it is desirable with rigid volosom). If soaked nabel hardly it is washed away, it should be deleted a scraper (Repair °=ѕър=ѕЁъш" see article ";).

After schistki nabela it is recommended to execute peretirku plasters a limy solution on small sand (without plaster addition). In general at peretirke it is desirable to apply such solution by which plaster has been executed. It is not recommended to carry out on limy and izvestkovo-plaster plasters peretirku a cement mortal. It concerns and puttying of various cracks. Cracks in plaster cut (expand), well moisten with water and cover with a solution by what plaster, or plaster with a chalk (1 ch has been executed. Plaster and 3 ch. A chalk or small sand). The covered places carefully rub clean, that they were not allocated for surfaces, well dry, and then wipe an end face of a wooden chock, deleting roughnesses and acting grains of sand then will sweep off a dust.

On the plaster executed on coarse-grained sand, wall-paper keeps very badly and often comes unstuck, as they are not completely pasted to a surface, but only to separately acting grains of sand. For example, if on sheet has flown down the area of 1 m 2 to paste wall-paper it will be 100%-s' priklejka. On plaster of coarse-grained sand priklejka will make 10-15%. Therefore it is necessary or to cover such plaster with a thin layer of the solution prepared on fine-grained sand, well it to level and jam, or to execute continuous shpatlevanie for two times, well having smoothed out a surface a fine-grained grinding skin. Instead of continuous shpatlevanija it is possible proshpatlevat separate places in the form of strips in width of 100-200 mm at the top of walls in the area of a label of wall-paper, in the bottom of walls at plinths, in corners and on perimetre window and doorways. After drying, shpatlevanija and grindings such places it is desirable proolifit or to paint over an oil paint and well to dry. It is desirable proshpatlevat strips in places of joining of panels of wall-paper.

To smooth the smallest roughnesses in pastes for prokleivanija surfaces add tonkosejanyj a chalk: in flour and starched 2-3 kg on a 10-litre bucket. Such paste on melkopeschanoj to plaster fills all dredging between grains of sand. A chalk also add in paste from glue KMTS: on 1 l of paste № 1 add 260 g cretaceous paste humidity of 30%.

Concrete and gipsoshlakovye the bases examine, all roughnesses on them cut down, defects correct a solution and rub clean. It is undesirable to apply pure plaster which at tverdenii increases in volume to repair and acts over a surface. If it has occurred, such places smooth out a fine-grained grinding skin. It is recommended to add a chalk or sand in plaster.

Having executed surface repair, it is necessary to wipe it wooden churochkoj, deleting roughnesses. If it is a lot of roughnesses and they rough enough they should be wiped a brick. At rough surfaces it is necessary to do nakryvku and zatirku. A solution prepare on fine-grained sand.

the Bases from wood-shaving, drevesno-fibrous plates, gipsokartonnyh sheets and plywood usually happen equal and smooth. However at negligent work in places of joints sheets can act over a surface. Such places correct, as Zadelka of seams between plates of overlappings and gipsokartonnymi ышё=рьш".

is told in article "

the Bases painted by oil, enamel paints or covered with a varnish. If these surfaces matte they should be washed out or wiped preliminary well a rag, having removed all traces of a dirt. If pollution strong washing carry out with soap or soda. Glossy surfaces also at first clear of a dust and a dirt, dry and smooth out a fine-grained skin, differently wall-paper will keep unsteadily. It is possible to paste over such bases without preliminary pasting by a paper.

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