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Warming of windows and doors
(A part 2)

the Insert of winter covers. to Insert winter covers and to prepare windows for winter it is necessary in a warm sunny day. (All should be in advance prepared and dried.) it is desirable, that solar beams shone at this time in windows then between covers dry warm air will be closed, and glasses will mist over and freeze less.

The Operating procedure is that. At first close summer covers and well close up all cracks (cover, stick). That did not blow in the bottom of a window aperture, between covers (on bottom zaglushinu) put cotton wool, dry sand or sawdust and close them from above and from sides a paper. These materials besides absorb a moisture from air which is between covers. Thanks to it glasses sweat less and freeze. Then close shutters of winter covers or insert a frame, all fix latches, revolving objects or nails, and cracks coat with putty, stick with paper strips or close porolonovymi tapes with rejkami.

As though densely did not close covers, air gets into space between them, forming a moisture from which sweat and glasses freeze. Especially often it happens at oven heating and, in particular, when in addition put for the winter time furnaces: they quickly heat up air which besides quickly cools down.

That it has not occurred, between covers put vlagopoglotiteli - glass vessels (banks, glasses) with the substances well absorbing a moisture. Best of them is strong sulfuric acid with the maintenance of water no more than 4-7%. Acid pour in vessels, filling no more than 1/3 - 1/2 their volumes to warn vytekanie the acid increasing in volume at absorption by it of a moisture. Following acid destroys a paint on covers and boxes, reduces durability of wood. To work with acid follows in goggles and rubber gloves.

Against zapotevanija and freezing of glasses there is a simple means. In parts on volume take 1 ch. Glycerine and 10 ch. Denatured alcohol or any spirit. All together mix and store in hermetically closed ware. With this mix from the inside grease glasses, and then wipe a flannel or any other soft fabric. If necessary operation repeat.

It is not recommended to apply food salt or its solutions to this purpose: wood from salt becomes wet and becomes impregnated with it, the paint departs films and does not keep on such wood. Besides, bruski covers and a box from salt always happen damp.

Against zapotevanija and freezing of glasses the industry lets out various preparations in usual or aerosol packing (the instruction on application is pasted on packing).

Frames with three glasses. For decrease in noise and warming of window apertures many try to insert three glasses instead of two. One put the third glass to existing frames, attach its nails to cover and cover with putty; others lay on glass about folds a rubber or plastic tube in diameter of 5-6 mm, attach it, insert glass, fix its nails and cover with putty.

In these cases care of glasses is complicated, as at washing of such glasses it is necessary to remove putty and to take out glass. It is unsafe, as glass thus can break up and wound hands. Then has flown down again it is necessary to cover with putty.

It is better to make an additional frame (or shutters) and to attach it to existing on loops (fig. 16), having established thus porolonovuju a lining on all perimetre of a frame. Care of glasses is simple: it is necessary to open only latches or revolving objects, to open a frame, to wipe glass and again to close a frame.

After manufacturing of its frame at first it is necessary to put on loops and to tighten taking into account statement porolonovoj linings. Then to remove a frame (or a shutter) to insert glass to cover with putty and to put into place. Such operating procedure is more convenient and more safe.

Warming of doors. To warming of doors apply following materials: cotton wool, flax, a tow, felt, foam rubber, leatherette, an oilcloth, a film, thin short nails (it is desirable with wide hats) and obojnye nails with hats in width of 10 mm from a white tin or obmednennye.

17. An upholstery of a door with application of cotton wool, flax, a tow: and - a door upholstery, - a door in a box, in - a door general view, 1 - dermantin, 2 - cotton wool; 3 - obojnye nails, 4 - small nails, 5 - a door, 6 - the platen, 7 - a box; 18. An upholstery of a door foam rubber: and - a foam rubber arrangement on a door, - door details: 1 - dermanitin, 2 - foam rubber, 3 - the platen, 4 - a box, 5 - a door, 6 - small nails; For an upholstery a door remove from loops and stack on two stool or a chair. On a door lay cotton wool, flax, felt, a tow a layer of 25 30 mm so that the heater did not reach door edges on 50-60 mm (fig. 17). Then nastlannyj a material close leatherette, an oilcloth or a film and beat it at edges thin nails with distance between them of 40-60 mm. After one party will be beaten, leatherette, an oilcloth or a film hardly pull from an opposite side, beat on edges the same nails and cut off a knife surpluses of a material. Then as arrive with remained parties of a door.

After that take obojnye nails and drive in them through each 50 mm, pressing a material and forming thereby equal edge without a warming material (fig. 17.

The Upholstered door hang on loops and produce platens in diameter of 20-30 mm. A door close on the lock and beat platens obojnymi nails to a box slope, having nails through 50 mm one from another. Platens densely press to a door but so that they did not disturb to its closing (fig. 17.

Below the platen fastens not to a slope of a box or a threshold, and to the door. Sometimes the platen in the bottom of a door arrange during an upholstery of the door, i.e. Wrap leatherette, an oilcloth or a film on the laid cotton wool or other material.

Felt is on sale cloths. It stack on a door, cutting pieces of the necessary size; the rest becomes the same as is described above, but it is possible to upholster and how with foam rubber. Foam rubber is on sale cloths the in length of 2 m, width 1 m and thickness of 20-30 mm. It can be laid and on the considered technology, but it is better as follows.

Having measured width and door height, foam rubber cut off so that it did not reach door edges on 3-5 mm (fig. 18. Without removing a door, to it it is temporary krepjat foam rubber. Then a door remove, stack on stools or chairs, cover with leatherette, an oilcloth or a film and nail up it on door edges in two ranks (fig. 18,). The door upholstered thus hung on loops, should be closed freely. Then produce porolonovye platens, wrap up a material and krepjat, pressing them to door foam rubber. Many assert that such upholstery more a heat - and is air-tight.

Instead of the platen it is possible to beat with the help rejki porolonovuju a tape or it is simple rejku as foam rubber soft and densely nestles to rejke.

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