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Warming of windows and doors

Preparation of windows. Unprepared by the winter, i.e. Not warmed windows, give the chance to leave through every possible thinnesses the house to 2/3 warmth, allocated in the house heating devices. That it is necessary for avoiding, first of all, attentively to examine all covers and to check up a condition of putty or shtapikov. If putty in places departs from covers or glasses, it is necessary for removing shpatelem, a knife or a sharp chisel. All traces from putty should be cleaned off, and the bared folds proolifit by means of a small brush or the stick which have been wrapped up by a fabric. After drying proolifki kuplenoj or the prepared putty coat the bared folds.

If between shtapikami and glass there are backlashes them fill with putty and smooth. Glasses there and then clear of traces of putty and wipe. It is possible to recommend such way of their clearing. At first a wet rag or a brush moisten glasses with water, and in some minutes wipe a rag. All stuck motes, grains of sand easily lag behind, without scratching thus some glass. Then prepare cretaceous whitewashing: 2-3 table spoons of a chalk on a glass of water also cover with it glasses from both parties. After drying them wipe a pure dry rag, and then a soft paper (for example, newspaper).

Strongly polluted glasses at first wash out warm pure water. If water does not wash off the stuck dirt apply soap water (in 1 l of water dissolve 50 g soaps) or alkaline structure from washing or kausticheskoj soda which, for example, completely dissolves oil stains. After clearing by alkaline solutions of glass well wash out water, cover with cretaceous whitewashing and as soon as it will dry up, wipe.

It is convenient to use the various liquid preparations which are let out by the industry (some of them in aerosol packing): "-ш=§шэюы" "…ыю" "¦шу" "Рхъѕэфр" "Ртх=" etc. Ways of their application are specified on packing.

Dual covers (two covers are connected by loops and screws) before washing it is necessary to separate. However screws not always easily turn away, because the carving has rusted. It is recommended, the turned out screws to clear of a rust and to paint with an oil paint those parts on which there is no carving. After paint drying it is necessary to grease a carving part tavotom or other dense greasing, putting to its thin layer. It will protect a carving from fast rzhavlenija.

After rubbing of glasses covers should dry out well, and only after that them again connect and fasten screws. If at zavertyvanii screws the paint on their heads has appeared damaged, it should be restored necessarily to protect metal from rzhavlenija.

Often covers insufficiently densely adjoin one another, between them there are cracks through which takes place warm and cold air, and also a dust which quickly pollutes glasses. Cracks between covers can be closed linings from a soft fabric in the form of a tape attached to one of covers by small nails. For this purpose it is good to use foam rubber from which of 10-15 mm and cut the same thickness on a ruler a sharp knife of a tape the in width. Krepjat their short thin nails. Even better through porolonovuju a tape to pass a strong kapron thread and with its help to fix a tape on cover of all on four nails which are driven in on corners of cover. If there are no long pieces of foam rubber from which it would be possible to cut the necessary length of a tape, it is possible to use and small pieces, having cut from them a tape and having stuck together their ends end-to-end any glue, capable to fasten foam rubber.

In dual covers of glass fix shtapikami more often. If between them and bruskami covers there are cracks, it is necessary to miss the mark them with putty and to paint over whitewash or that paint by which covers are painted.

15. Warming of window apertures: 1 - a box; 2 groove between a box and a shutter; 3 - a shutter; 4 - a groove between two shutters on imposte; 5 - a window sill; 16. A frame with three glasses: 1 - brusok frames, 2 - glass, 3 - a loop, 4 - a lock, 5 - an additional (third) frame Warming of window apertures. Window apertures in old, and in some new houses are filled with double covers: winter and summer. In a countryside winter covers often do in the form of the whole frames which take out in the summer. Recently in new buildings the dual covers having between a box and shutters of covers a groove by depth to 15 mm, as a rule, are applied. Shutters of these covers wide and consequently the box in the middle shares on two-three parts statement of one-two bruskov which are called impostami. The shutters of covers which are passing on impostu, also form a groove (fig. 15).

For warming of such covers foam rubber cut tapes of different width depending on width of a groove. Sometimes foam rubber has on the one hand a crust. Such foam rubber is especially convenient for warming of windows as the crust stiffens it. If to cut a tape on 3-5 mm is wider than grooves at installation of tapes in grooves a crust inside, they there are well kept. Foam rubber without a crust is kept badly. Therefore tapes from it is better to press thin rejkami, attached to a box or impostu thin nails. Rejki it is possible to paint an oil paint of the same colour by what covers are painted.

It is necessary to notice that application in covers for their hermetic sealing of a special cord not always yields positive result because of errors in produced covers. In a window leaf instead of a cord it is possible to apply foam rubber also: well fixed, it serves reliably and long enough time.

Sticking up of such grooves by paper tapes not always effectively. It is better to use plasticine or special not hardening putty.

Not Hardening putty prepare from solidola "-" or "К" and if it is not present - from tavota (6 mas. ch.), industrial or soljarovogo oils (14 ch.) and tonkoprosejannogo a chalk (80 ch.). Do it so. In metal ware heat up solidol or tavot to full razzhizhenija, extinguish fire and enter in razzhizhennyj tavot or solidol industrial or soljarovoe oil at careful hashing of all weight. After cooling the viscous liquid which mix with a chalk the same as and at preparation of usual putty turns out. This putty after drawing hardens a little, but it is easily cleaned off and can be applied in business repeatedly. That it was softened, it warm up or some time rumple hands.

It is possible to prepare also putty from 2 ch. tonkoprosejannogo sand (dry) and 1 ch. A flour or a flour dust. A flour or a flour dust make boiled water, add in it sand and knead hands before reception of weight in the form of the dense test. This putty well sticks to a tree, drying up does not burst and easily leaves after wetting by water. Repeatedly it is not applied. To use usual putty for these purposes it is impossible, as after its drying from covers it is difficult to remove.

When there are winter and summer covers, seams between them or cracks also cover with the specified putties. It is possible to apply and foam rubber, pressing it rejkami, which krepjat nails.

Often such places stick with paper tapes which smear with usual paste, and when the paper will soften, it paste with careful priglazhivaniem. The thin paper can be pasted in two layers. It is necessary to remember that covers and boxes thus should be pure: the paper sticks to dirty covers poorly.

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