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Water heating

the General data. Recently in rural settlements instead of furnaces arrange water heating by means of the warmth generator (a copper of the small size) and devices of heating (radiators).

As Fuel for coppers coal, fire wood, any briquettes, natural gas, kerosene, soljarovoe oil etc. serves.

Coppers establish in kitchens more often, but sometimes build a special fireproof premise near to the house and do in it an input of kitchen. All external pipelines going from a house boiler-house, should be well isolated to prevent losses of warmth and freezing of pipes. They can be wrapped up felt in some layers, then to cover with plaster (that there it was not got in summertime mol) and to wrap up roofing felt or roofing material. It is possible to use also a roofing steel to warn influence on them of an atmospheric precipitation.

Having established a copper, from it take away pipes to heating devices-radiators or registers. Registers replace with themselves radiators; weld them from several pipes of the necessary diameter. At the top of the generator put a broad vessel.

Nagretaja water from a copper on one pipes goes to heating devices which give warmth to heated premises; on other pipes the chilled water comes back back in the warmth generator.

On a broad vessel it is necessary to strengthen the water level index. Below a tank from the main strut lay a line of hot water, and from it - separate pipes to one or two devices. Diameter of the pipe conducting to one device, - is less, to two devices - it is more.

From a waterpipe to a copper spend a line with zapornym the gate, necessary for filling and replenishment of system by water. For descent of water from system also there is a branch pipe with the gate which can be connected to the water drain.

Absence of a waterpipe in the house does not disturb to the equipment of water heating as to fill system with water it is necessary very seldom. With that end in view it is possible to use the manual pump or a bucket with water, having arranged for this purpose in a cover of a dilator an aperture closed by a stopper.

The Dilator is better to put in a heated premise. Sometimes it place on an attic, but thus very well warm and equip with a circulating line for prevention of freezing of water. If a dilator not to warm, on a roof the moisture will settle, promoting its destruction (rzhavleniju).

To Lay a hot and return line it is recommended with a bias in 3-5 mm on 1 m of the pipeline with a direction towards water movement. It provides a free air outlet through perelivnuju a pipe going from a dilator, and also water descent through a branch pipe located in the bottom point of system.

From a copper to devices water moves at the expense of different density of water: easier hot and heavier cooled. Therefore the copper in systems of room heating is recommended to have whenever possible below heating devices. It raises circulating pressure in system, allows to choose pipes with the smaller area of section.

If it is impossible to put a copper below heating devices it have flush with them or hardly above. Thus water will circulate in heating system exclusively at the expense of the cooling in pipelines and heating devices. The more water cooling, the more strongly its circulation, and on the contrary.

Pipes sostemy should be opened. Isolate only main strut going from a copper, and only within a premise in which the copper is located. Do it that indoors was not very much hot.

heating Systems. the Most widespread is two-trumpet water heating with a lining of a hot planting line under a ceiling of a premise and a return line at a floor, under heating devices (fig. 204, ).

Schemes of room water heating: and - with a lining hot lines under a ceiling, and a return line at a floor, - with a lining of hot and return lines under a ceiling, in - with a lining of hot and return lines over devices: 1 - a bowl. 2 - perelivnaja an air-line from a dilator, 3 - a broad vessel, 4 - a hot planting line, 5 - the main strut, 6 - the warmth generator (a copper), 7 - a waterpipe for filling and feed of system by water, 8 - descent of water from system, 9 - a return line, 10 - heating devices, 11 - a floor, 12 - an air loop, 13 - the branch pipe with the gate for descent of water from system From a copper upwards goes the main strut on which have the broad vessel (tank) calculated for plum of water, increasing in volume at heating. Depending on premise volume the general capacity of a tank fluctuates from 20 to 45 l, and useful - from level of connection of a hot highway to a vessel to level perelivnoj (air) pipe. The tank form can be various. Produce it from sheet 2-3-миллиметровой a steel and a piece of a pipe of the big diameter. Inside and outside of it paint an oil paint, from above close a cover. To a tank connect perelivnuju a pipe or an air-line without the gate. It is necessary that water extending at heating did not pour out on a floor, and went to the water drain.

Except this variant the second is possible, supposing a lining of the return pipeline near to hot, going under a premise ceiling (fig. 204. Thus hot water from a copper arrives in heating devices. Here it is cooled and on a return line under a ceiling gets to a heating copper. That air left a return line, last connect in the top point a loop curved from a pipe, to air space of a dilator.

It is possible to carry presence To a lack of such system in it of several circulating rings because of which water in a return strut sometimes cools down also circulation stops.

More perfect though also more difficult scheme of heating is resulted on fig. 204, century Feature of the scheme consists that the chilled water goes not at once upwards and to a copper, and downwards where mixes up with the water arriving from a dilator, and then on the general pipeline goes to a copper.

In this system the cold water arriving from heating devices, established far from a copper, mixes up with warm, arriving from devices closer to a copper, not in top, and in the bottom pipes. As a result water temperature fall in a return line promotes its accelerated movement, i.e. To circulation improvement.

During installation of system of heating in front of each heating device from the basic hot line put the gate which regulate a quantity of water, submitted to devices. Thus the temperature in rooms raises or goes down.

The builder if it is familiar with sanitary-engineering works, or the mechanic-sanitary technician can mount Heating. In an operating time on a carving reel up the flax moistened in oil minium. At first a carving grease with minium, then on it reel up flax and once again coat with minium. The system should be mounted so that during the heating period was not protekov. Hot water gets into all thinnesses in comparison with the cold more intensively.